The Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute is a community of peace supporters in the Philippines. We seek a just resolution of the Bangsamoro and the Communist armed movements in the Philippines through political negotiations, dialogues and addressing the root causes of unpeace.
Peace is jobs and justice, food and freedom, land and liberation.

Our Vision


A Filipino Society Beyond War characterized by:


A just sharing of resources and responsibilities between communities and peoples, classes and sectors, genders and generations.


A thriving democracy which facilitates dialogue between state and civil society and ensures the meaningful participation in the governance of all citizens, recognizing and protecting the rights even of minority groups.


A sense of Filipino identity that rejoices in the diversity of Philippine lifestyles and cultures.


The maintenance of ecological balance and the sustainable care of all natural resources.


The assertion of Philippine sovereignty and its positive contribution towards building a new global social order.


In a society beyond war, citizens are taught to love peace and to practice the ways of peace from childhood. Conflicts are recognized, respected, negotiated, and transformed. National security is defined not in terms of national defense capabilities but rather in terms of the protection and security of the human rights and welfare of its people and of the environment.


Our Mission


The Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute commits to provide nurture and shelter for Philippine Basic Sectors and Citizen Peacemakers in the search for, the creation of, and insistence on the peaceful settlement and transformation of conflicts, even as it continuously organizes a constituency committed to freedom and social justice. As a peace institute, it also seeks to institutionalize the work of peacekeeping and peace-building, thus placing it within the mainstream of the efforts for social justice and development in the Philippines.


Our Goals


As a service base and resource center on peace and conflict resolution, the Institute shall develop and promote frameworks, paradigms, strategies, and skills for advancing the peace process both immediate to the present armed conflicts and beyond these, towards the building of a Filipino society beyond war. Specifically, the Institute aims to:

  • Support Citizen Peacemakers and Basic Sector groups challenging and engaging government and other relevant parties in dialogues and negotiations to advance the people’s peace agenda;
  • Provide effective training and capability-building for communities and groups to pursue peaceful approaches to conflict;
  • Undertake research, documentation, and model-building on replicable Filipino conflict resolution processes;
  • Build linkages and networks with local and international groups that are working for peace and conflict transformation.