Projects and Programs


Women’s Leadership in Politics, Peace and Security


Shares capabilities with women in conflict-affected areas on skills such as public speaking, advocacy, platform development, the project proposal writing, that help prepare them for leadership roles in government or civil society organizations


Building Capacities for Monitoring and Reporting of Armed Violence


Trains women in conflict-affected areas on skills of armed violence and human rights violations monitoring, documentation and reporting


Women Working for Normalization


Shares capacities with women in conflict-affected areas on aspects of normalization (return to stable conditions) such as early warning and early response, arms control, conflict resolution, human rights, and gender perspectives in Islam and IP traditions.


Security Sector Engagement


Capacitates members of the Armed Forces, Philippine National Police, and Philippine Contingents of UN Peacekeepers sent to conflict areas on the PNAP, UNSCRs 1325 & 1820 and other WPS resolutions.




Gathers Perspectives of women on the ground on various issues that relate to armed conflict, security and the peace processes and brings these perspectives to the attention of decision-makers


Lobbying and Campaigning


Works for the adoption of laws that will advance civilian protection, peace processes and human security.